We continue to look for direct loans. We are happy if also you see a social added value in the project, giving us your trust and support the project financially.

Whether € 5,000 or € 20,000 or up to € 500,000 – all amounts are helpful and welcome!
You invest your money in real and meaningful tangible assets and get it back on agreed terms.
Find out more on the website and at our information events on site or online.


For this our project needs money

We would like to build a sustainable, future-oriented and social housing-, culture- and educational-project in Kirnhalden. It should make a meaningful contribution to a sustainable society. This requires ideas, skills, time and also money.

For the purchase of the site, the renovation of the buildings, the inventory of the seminar business and the café, as well as for shaping the landscape, we need about 6 million euros in the initial years. We will contribute a certain part as project group. We will finance a large part through bank and private loans and repay it gradually over the coming years.

Our financing concept

The members of the cooperative “Wohn- und Kulturprojekt Kirnhalden e.G” contribute at least 15-20% of the investment costs in the form of business shares as so-called equity capital. This also includes investing members who acquire business shares without living on site.

In addition, the cooperative takes out loans from the bank and supporting private individuals (currently only members of the cooperative). With this money Kirnhalden is bought, redeveloped and developed.

The residential and commercial areas are then rented out by the cooperative:
– The residents pay a residential rent.
– The commercial users of the offices pay an office rent.
– A share of the rent is deducted from the income of the seminar and guest operations.
– Likewise, a share of the rent is deducted from the income of the café.

With this regular rental income, the cooperative pays back the various loans over the years, or builds up liquidity to pay out the shares of investing members again upon termination.

Your next steps to support

It’s nice that you are thinking about supporting us financially with an investment. This is how it could go on concretely:

1. you inform yourself here on the website. If you would like more information, you can register for an information event and clarify all open questions here.

2. you consider which forms and conditions are suitable for you and coordinate all details with our finance team.

3. we finalize the loan contract or the form for the investing membership and have it signed by both parties.

4. you transfer the corresponding amount to the cooperative account and are welcomed into the circle of supporters!

Info events

Feel free to come to our info events. There you can clarify all questions and also get to know us and the project better – on request also online!

Questions to the finance team

You still have questions?

You would like to support the project and clarify all further details?

You have other questions and / or tips on the subject of financial support and participation?

Anne Simmler
Johannes Dolderer
Fintan Lyons
Mirja Küster

We thank all our 100+
supporters so far!

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